Another Awesome Review!!!

“Having first seen a clip of the Black Rifles peaked attention, but what followed was an exceptional take on making an impact.

Sick of third party, non-musicians screwing bands over, the Black Rifles are looking for three fresh bands in Hertfordshire, UK to arrange their own DIY gigs. The band’s intention is to build a strong collective and scene of their own.

Reading this, a feeling of nostalgia and deep admiration arises. This is how you do it. Grass level. Having already developed their own genre in Grit Rock, a freeform song writing improvised heavy rock, punching out their tunes on the spot, they’re also grabbing control of the band’s direction. You can’t escape the feeling this powerful three piece are going to make an impact and be around for a long time. Bands can learn a thing or two from the Black Rifles and should be following the example.”

– Turbonun Entertainment Group :

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