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2022 – The Popular Machine

Freestyle + Rock = GRIT Rock

The Black Rifles are a Hard Hitting, Raw, Unapologetic GRIT Rock 3-piece band hailing from (Broxbourne, UK). 2 guitars and drums.

“We wanted to capture our real, raw sound and attitude to bring a new fresh feel and idea to Rock Music. We call it – GRIT” – The Black Rifles

“They just press the “record” button and off they go, creating the songs on the spot by letting the words and music flow. And their ”Mold-Breaking freestyle method of songwriting has had some impressive results.” The result of mainlining their creative thoughts straight onto mixing tapes is their Debut Album “GRIT”, a collection of moments in time captured forever. The result is a record buzzing with raw energy.”

The Mercury Newspaper

critical lyrics and alternative Rock style… Their newest single “She’s Burning Blood” is a fast-paced and engrossing beat song, … the song is inspired by a complex love, which unfortunately needs to come to an end.”

Roadie Music

2021 – GRIT (Debut Album)

The Black Rifles have released an awesome new track …Loved it! Be sure to listen to this track … trust me…you want to add this to your playlist! Wow!!


“We like that She’s Burning Blood has the intense power … The dirt in its composition gives it an extra factor, which encourages anyone to break everything and not affect anyone who wants to destroy our surroundings due to the great force that this rock trip leaves us.”.

IndieCriollo Rock Magazine

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