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The Black Rifles’ Debut Album Listen to Limited Pre-Release Now.

Live Recorded in Studio, Complete Takes, “Gritty Raw & Real”. ALL album purchases will receive a limited edition Vinyl CD + Instant High Quality Digital Download + Secret Signed limited Edition Artwork

“The music is very catchy, and it caught my ears easily. Includes raw vocals and riffs that reminds many 90’s iconic acts. IT’S JUST AMAZING! In my opinion, these guys will become the classic rock era revival!” – Rock Era Magazine





“We like that She’s Burning Blood has the intense power … The dirt in its composition gives it an extra factor, which encourages anyone to break everything and not affect anyone who wants to destroy our surroundings due to the great force that this rock trip leaves us.”.

IndieCriollo Rock Magazine

“Always aiming to present critical lyrics and alternative Rock style… Their newest single “She’s Burning Blood” is a fast-paced and engrossing beat song, … the song is inspired by a complex love, which unfortunately needs to come to an end.”

Roadie Music

The Black Rifles have released an awesome new track …Loved it! Be sure to listen to this track … trust me…you want to add this to your playlist! Wow!!


Behold the birth of “GRIT” ROCK. Behold the birth of “THE BLACK RIFLES.”

Newly formed Rock Band!!! Up and Coming, Hard Hitting, Raw, Unapologetic, Rock band Hailing from the UK (Broxbourne). They call “Rocks Born”. This 3 piece band is truly hard-hitting with the heavy grunge bass and bullet like drums and sonic ejaculations from their 2 guitarists. The vocals are excellent and the lyrics are so clear as they paint a picture you can really see.

Their delivery is nothing short of masterful and a much needed breath of fresh air on the musical scene.

“We were tired of overproduced artificial music that sounded nothing like bands do when you see them live.” – The Black Rifles

Their songwriting and recording sensibilities stay true to musicianship and performance as their songs are one take raw and live. Like the legends did before. Their music gritty, raw and real with grunge overtones. This band is definitely one to watch!!!